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It is proposed to amend the byelaws of Mrs. AVN College Alumni Association, Visakhapatnam as under:


(1)                 Eligibility:      

(i)       All those who were bona-fide students of Mrs. AVN College can enroll themselves as members of the Association.

(ii)                 Honorary membership may be granted to

a.        the interested in service and retired teaching/non-teaching staff of Mrs. AVN College and

b.       Any other persons in the society (who are capable of furthering the objectives and activities of the Association) on the acceptance of the committee of the Association.

(2)     It shall be obligatory on the part of the members to follow the directives and programs of the Association and faithfully abide by the rules and byelaws that are in force and that may be framed from time to time.

(3)     Admission:            Application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form to the President / Secretary of the Association who may, with mutual consent accept the same on due verification of records. Any application not accepted by them shall be disposed of by the Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be final. No application shall be rejected without assigning reason. Rejection of the application shall not preclude anyone from making a fresh application, but not within one year from the date of such rejection.

(4)     Members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges assured under the rules and shall be entitled to the benefits of the association. Any member shall have the right to get elected to any position in the Association, provided he/she is not less than 50 years of age for the post of President / Secretary. For other posts there is no age restriction.

(5)     The membership automatically ceases at death, resignation or on cessation of membership as provided herein.

(6)     Membership fee: the annual membership is fixed at Rs. 100 per annum. Apart from this, Life membership @ 1,000 and patron membership @ 5,000/- and above are granted.

(7)     Withdrawal:         

(8)     Termination of membership: Any member who fails to pay his membership fee at least one week before the date of General Body meeting will cease to be a member. However his membership may be restored by the Committee on payment of arrears of membership.

General Body:

The general body shall be the supreme body and repository of supreme power of the Association. The General Body of the Association consists of all the members of the executive Committee and all members of the Association. The General Body shall be held soon after 1st April every year to transact the following business:

To adopt the report of work done by the Association and consider the statement of accounts of the previous year and the report of auditors thereon, amendments to the byelaws, if any, appointment of auditors and other allied matters and to transact such other matter as may be brought forward after notice in prescribed manner. All matters placed before the General body will be decided by a majority vote.

The General Body to elect new Committee will be held once in two years within a period of 1 month from the due date. In unavoidable circumstances, with permission of the Committee, the General Body must be held within a period of 3 months from the due date to transact the business of annual general body as given above along with election of office bearers for the next term.

The term of office of the office bearers so elected in a General Body is for a period of TWO years from the date of election. Any member can get elected to any post in the committee three times during his lifetime.

As per the direction of the executive committee, the President and in his absence an office bearer duly authorized by him shall convene the general body meeting.

Requisition meeting:           Requisition meeting of the Association shall be conducted by the President within 30 days of receiving a requisition for convening a meeting when such request with proposed agenda and reason is requisitioned by at least 100 members of the Association. This meeting shall transact only the specified agenda.

Minutes book:      The minutes of all proceedings of every general body meeting and the Committee meeting shall be recorded in the minutes book and the minutes shall be communicated to all the members invited for the meeting within 30 days of conclusion of the meeting. The minutes so recorded shall be signed by the President of the Association.

Quorum:                The quorum for General Body meeting of the Association will be 60 members. The quorum for Committee meetings is 2/3 of the Committee members.

Functions and responsibilities of General Body:



There shall be a managing Committee for the general management of the affairs of the Association. The Committee shall consist of the following office bearers, who shall be elected by the General Body once in every TWO years:

(i)                   President,

(ii)                 Vice-President,

(iii)                Secretary,

(iv)                Joint Secretary,

(v)                 Organizing Secretary (for special occasions),

(vi)                EC members and

(vii)              Treasurer.

Note: No one who was not an alumnus of Mrs. AVN College shall be elected as an office bearer of the Association.

Powers, functions and responsibilities of the Committee:

Subject to overall control by the General Body, the executive committee shall be collectively responsible for effective functioning of the Association and carryon all affairs of administration and shall have powers to:

(i)                   Adopt resolutions, frame rules and byelaws, form chapters, committees and sub committees, appoint employees,

(ii)                 Take decisions on any issue relating to members, device ways and means for implementation of decisions taken in the general body and take necessary and active steps for furthering the objectives of the Association,

(iii)                Remove or suspend any of the members of the executive committee from his position of office bearer provided such member is found guilty of theft, corruption or of violating the rules of the Association or violating any of the vital decisions of the Association or acting in a way prejudicial to the interests of the members of the Association in general or jeopardizing the existence of the Association or hampering its progress. The decision of the executive committee in this respect taken by two third majority of members present and voting in the meeting shall have to be ratified by the general body at the next meeting. However, he/she can first appeal to the executive committee for reconsideration and thereafter to the general body and no appeal shall lie against the decision of the executive committee; but in all cases the member concerned shall be first charge sheeted and given an opportunity to defend prior to taking decision by the executive committee.

(iv)                Take decisions and implement those on matters not specified above in consonance with the declared aims and objectives of the byelaws subject to subsequent ratification by the general body.,

(v)                 Decide all matters placed before the executive committee by majority of votes except in case of removal or suspension of office bearers,

(vi)                To co-opt any vacancy in the executive committee.

Powers, Functions and Responsibilities of the Office Bearers:

(i)                   President:    

(a)  The President shall be the head of the Executive Committee and shall exercise general supervision and have control over the affairs of the Association subject to overall control by the Committee. He shall be responsible for proper execution of the decision, policies and programs adopted in the general body, shall direct and coordinate the movement of the Association, see to the betterment, advance growth and progress of the association, and in the absence of the decision of the executive committee, device ways and means for implementation and materialisation of the aims and objectives of the Association, subject to ratification by the executive committee, pass bills for payments, maintain registers, minutes books, etc., submit annual returns, call meetings of the executive committee, general body and carry on such other duties as may be entrusted to him by the executive committee.

(b)  He shall preside over all the meetings, see to the proper conduct of the procedure, give interpretations, issue rulings, if asked for, take votes for and against any motion in case of disagreements among the members by show of hands or by ballot, shall have a casting vote in case of tie (voting right like any other member), sign minute books, verify accounts of the society every 3 months and perform such other presidential functions connected with the Association.

(c)  The president may delegate some or any of his powers to any of the office bearers to act on his behalf or to discharge any of the duties so entrusted to him in part or in full or he may divide his functions and responsibilities and distribute those among the office bearers.

(ii)                 Vice-President:            Vice – President shall conduct all the events as directed by the President and in the absence of the President shall discharge the presidential functions in a particular meeting.

(iii)                Secretary:     the Secretary shall be responsible for

(a)     Maintaining and supervising the records of the Association,

(b)     Conducting all correspondence with the members,

(c)     Recording the minutes of the meeting,

(d)     Implement the sanctioned programs,

(e)     Prepare annual reports of the Association and

(f)      Convene the ordinary General Body / Committee meeting and issuing notices and agenda.

(iv)                Joint Secretary:            the joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary; conduct all events as directed by the Secretary and act for him in his absence.

(v)                 Organizing Secretary: As and when need arises for organizing any special events/occasions, the organizing secretary shall assist and coordinate with the Secretary and the Joint Secretary in respect of that particular event/occasion.

(vi)                EC members:                The EC members shall assist the Committee as per the directions of the President and Secretary in discharge of the duties of the Society.

(vii)              Treasurer:     Treasurer shall be the custodian of the properties of the Association.

(a)     He shall receive all monies due to the Association and maintain proper account of income and expenses, shall prepare the annual returns and get them audited by the auditor appointed by the Committee. All collections are to be deposited immediately in the accounts of the Committee maintained in various banks.

(b)     He shall make payments after getting the vouchers passed by the President and shall maintain bills and vouchers countersigned by the President.

(c)     The treasurer shall not make any expenditure without the signed permission of the President. He/she shall not withdraw any amount of the Association deposited in a Bank / Post Office without the permission of the President.

(d)     The treasurer shall be responsible to present the current statement of accounts to every Committee meeting.

Meetings:              the executive Committee must meet once in every 3 months. However, the President may, in the interests of the Association and its members call for special meetings of the Committee whenever he thinks appropriate. The President/Secretary shall convey the agenda to the concerned at least one week prior to the meeting.


As the members of the Association are widely spread across many organizations and places, with a view to have a better reach to the members, enrolment of membership and for fund mobilization, the Committee shall have powers to float new chapters for different organizations, districts or states and overseas.

Removal / recall / resignation of office bearers:  As per the conditions of the Act.

Disqualification of members of the Committee:

                A person shall be disqualified as a member of the Committee if at anytime he is found adjudicated as insolvent or is an un-discharged insolvent , convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude or sentenced by a criminal court to a fine of not less than Rs. 1,000 or to imprisonment for a period of not less than 6 months or disqualification of such appointment by an order of a court.


Types of funds to be raised by the Association:

(1)     Donations

(2)     Conducting programmes and any other events in conformity with the Act

Appointment of Auditors:

Liability of members for discharge of debts:

Settlement of internal disputes (disciplinary action) and Act:

                In the event of any dispute arising among the Committee or the members of the society, in respect of any matter relating to the affairs of the Association, it shall be first referred to the Committee and after suitable disposal of the dispute by the Committee, if the member so prefers,  may proceed with the dispute under the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, or may file an application in the District Court concerned and the said Court shall after necessary enquiry pass such order as it may deem fit.

Dissolution of Society: As per the Act.

Change of name:  As provided by the Act

Amendments to Memorandum of the Association:      As provided by the Act.

Amendment to Byelaws:

                The byelaws of the Association can be altered by an ordinary resolution passed by not less than half of the members attending and voting in the General Body meeting. These amendments are to be forwarded to the Registrar of Societies as required by the Act.

Maintenance of registers:

(i)       Register of members:

                The society shall keep a register of members of the Association, as required by the Act.

(ii)     Accounts and Records:       The society shall keep a copy of the Act, a copy of the registered memorandum along with upto date byelaws with amendments,, the minutes book, accounts of all sums of money received and spent with respective purposes, accounts of all purchases and sales and assets and liabilities, an upto date register and a list of all members with voting rights for the current year prepared within 30 days of closure of association’s financial year, copies of the audited reports and compliance reports and all such other accounts, records and documents required by the Act. These registers, records and documents must be handed over to the newly elected office bearers immediately after their election in the General Body.

(iii)    Inspection of register of members:  Any member of the Association can inspect the register of members of the Association on any working day during the business hours with a one week notice and on payment of Rs 100/-.

Legal proceedings:             

The other interpretations of the byelaws are subject to the provisions and conditions of the AP societies’ registration Act, 2001 as amended from time to time.

Posted On: 2012-05-14 18:40:17

Esteemed Alumnul,

The Executive Committee has unanimously resolved to enroll Patron member and Life member. Patron membership Rs. 5000/- and for Life membership Rs.1000. Please register immediately, you can also register online. All donations are exempted under section 80G/IT Act. For any clarifications mail to or call to Mobile No: 9440223557. and visit

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Makena Srinivasarao

President, Alumni Association

Posted On: 2011-11-04 05:51:38

 150 Yrs Sesqui Centennial Celebrations Souvenir released 26th Sept. 2011

Posted On: 2011-09-26 11:49:36

I am proudly inform to our Alumni..... one of the leading Telugu Movie Artist Mrs. VANKAYALA SATYANARAYANA MURTY, well known as 'VANKAYALA' recently elected as 'CO OPTED MEMBER' unanimously.....  

Posted On: 2011-05-28 07:00:26

I request the Alumni to register their names in the web site and also inform  to our Email ID: info@avncollegealumniorg, classmates and friends to avail the facility.
Posted On: 2011-05-08 11:08:53

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